Korean Drama

I've been binging on Korean drama since 2 months ago. Multiple dramas. I have to say it's such a waste of time and it does suck the life out of you!

I've always refused to start watching any. Fearing that I will be suck into it and couldn't stop. God knows how many nights I haven't been sleeping early and my eye bags are pretty much horrifying!

I used to be able to stay up nights to binge watch anything and the eye bags will go away after a few days of sleep. However, old age catches up and the bags are permanent now.

If anyone knows how to reduce eye bags or know about some miracle eye products, please let me know!!!!

In the mean time, since moving into our new place, I have been slowly designing and re-arranging some furnitures. It's almost done up now but couple of places needing more work for it.

Recently, I've made a splurged in Ikea for 9 Ribba square frames to put up on a wall I've nominated as feature wall. I am not sure which is the toughest part, to put it up on the wall or to select 9 amazing images for it.

Here is a photo that I've found from Pinterest. I couldn't find back the owner of the photo to tag them.

Will take a photo of the result of my wall soon!

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