The Princess Wei Young reviews

I got hook on to The Princess Wei Young and I have to say I am not happy with the ending at all.

I guess the drama being adapted from a popular Chinese Novel, it has to follow the plot more or less, not entirely I believe but similar ending.

Thanks to Croton Youtuber for uploading all the series. You've been amazing!
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Yes, they were together. Finally after so much drama for the entire 54 episodes. However, they were not forever. What a sad ending it was. I guess I knew about it from reading spoilers in some sites so I was anticipating it. Also, the trailers show some sneak peak of what to anticipate. Through the days waiting for the finale, I have been mourning knowing about the ending. Oh yeah, it affects you like that. When finale was aired, I practically just fast forward the entire episode. Thinking, if it wasn't because of the incomplete series, I wouldn't have wasted my time following every episode religiously.

Honestly, I am not a fan of Chinese drama simply because they tend to be very lengthy. Anything more than 20 episodes gets on my nerves a lot. I tend to lose interest easily. I have to say, I did a lot of fast-forwarding whilst watching.

Plus, my mandarin ain't that good. Yes there were English subtitles, lol........

I have to say, I love seeing both Tiffany Tang Yan (Wei Young) & Luo Jin (Tuoba Jun) together. I'm obsessed with them together. I love their chemistry. I may not idolise them as individual artist but putting them together was brilliant! Their onscreen chemistry skyrocketed in Princess Wei Young. Plus, they were rumoured together during the time of producing the series and they've also just announced of their love in public recently! No wonder the chemistry in Princess Wei Young was so great!

Oh Vaness Wu (Tuoba Yu) was great in the drama too! His character is so cool being the bad guy. His character is slightly pitiful. He wasn't born being mean but situation force him into one. I love how he fell for Wei Young too. I wish there were more scene where he gets to show his tender side for Wei Young. I was pretty confused by the extend of his love for her,  lacking of expression. Being very mean and yet wanting her. But the ending of him getting kill for her was amazing, which explain how much he loves her and how he wasn't that evil after all.

One of my favourite scene is when Tuoba Jun went visiting the Li's family household and found Wei Young in the garden tending her most favourite flowers. Li Min De (Wei Young's adopted brother) was there too.

What's your favourite scene?

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