Why wanderless?

It's funny how I was full of energy and wanting to wander as far as I can afford during my younger years.

I hate to be at home much. I preferred to hang out with friends. Talk all night long. Clubbing during the weekends and sleep in late on Sundays. Those were the days of my younger years. Late night sleep wasn't really a problem for me. I get back up energetic after a couple of hours of sleeping in. Recovering from lack of sleep took only 48 hours max. I could go on like this for the entire week if I've wanted too.

Unfortunately as I hit the 30's, I couldn't keep up anymore. The ability to recover from the late night outing the next day has failed me. Just a day of sleeping late at the wee hours left me in auto-pilot for the entire week. I couldn't really function well, my brain isn't working much, I can't find myself interested in doing anything else but laying down reading.

I started sleeping real early when I hit the 30's simply because I needed my brain to function well at work. I needed the energy to sustain me the whole day so I've make sure that I have at least a good 7-8 hours sleep at night.

Weekends were meant for recuperating my energy from all the hard work during the week days. I lack of the motivation to go out or hang out with friends.

I've tried some supplements just to provide me with enough needed energy or vitamins, however I find my body getting a little bit heat-up and also very hungry! I've stopped after.

What about you? How do you get your body to keep up with your daily works? 

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