The age when you start losing friends

Is it just me or does the number of friends decrease as our age increased? Does it work that way?

The circle of my friends had dwindled down to countable fingers!

I used to dislike the thought of hanging out with families during the weekends but finding myself enjoying it more as I hit late 30s.

I once have plentiful of friends, both social friends and good friends. My social friends dramatically decrease every year when I begin to start focusing on more important things in my life. Friends come and go. I couldn't keep up. I find it hard to maintain the friendships. 

I find myself lacking the motivation to get in touch or try to get out of the house for some catching up session with friends. 

I believe it's only worth the while to nurture friendship that has the same value in life or in the same wavelength with me. Friends who have been there for me through certain period of my life, supporting, enjoying life and caring about each other, has simply become acquaintances or Facebook friends. Facebook friends where we stalked each other's life events to keep updated. Liking and commenting on each other's posts has become the notion of keeping in touch. 

Now, I find hanging out with friends weekly tend to be a chore too! I'm enjoying too much of having my own space, doing my own things or learning things online, being on my own, lacking the need to get out of my house and loving the peaceful time at home with my two furry kids & hubby. Just the thought of hanging out with friends (countable fingers) is.... overwhelming. 

I begin to find myself needing more space. 

Do you think I'm getting worriedly depressing? 

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