Surfaces are not for storage

It's funny how scarily true it is for saying surfaces are not for storage.

I found the sentence from this picture here.

I read an article recently that there is a difference between an organised person and a disorganised person. While many of us always assumed that the disorganised person is being far more lazier than the organised person, however the article differentiate it as follows:

  • Organised person - put things away
  • Disorganised person - sets things down

That gave me a 'bulb-light' moment!

In all my life, I have been setting things down wherever I see available surfaces. But I have to say, I will only use selective surfaces, so you'll see some clutters in some specific corners of each room!

While I am the setting things down person, my husband is the putting things away person! We used to drive each other insane with our differences. But now, we've come into terms on each other differences by cutting each other some slacks. He will accept a moderation of me setting things down on certain places and I will accept a moderation request from him to put things away. LOL!

So, are you the putting things away or setting things down type of person?

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