Once you need less. You'll have more.

I grew up surrounded by clutters and a dad who loves to hoard. I am my father's child. I learned well too. So did both of my siblings. Imagine the chaos.

An idea was planted in me when I stumbled across a book during a phase of life where I needed a lot of "self-help" books. It was a book preaching about the way of life.

The book talks about all the quotes from famous people in much detail.

One particular quote somehow gave me a "light-bulb" moment. I'm not good at preaching or story-telling but it basically explains how the more the things we are wanting in life, the more the burden it will get. It does apply in many aspect way of life though. Not necessary in materials but also emotionally.

First, I had to learn how to let go of things.

Growing up in the environment of not knowing how to organise things, making up beds and most importantly organising my own wardrobe, it is most difficult to exercise on this new found skill the moment I moved out from my parent's house. The amount of 'collections' that I've threw out was mind-blowing.

The struggle is real.

If you have any tips, share it with me.

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