A minimal white work space

I dream about a simple white work space. Minimalism theme.

I've recently moved in to my dream house. There is a whole story about it which I will post up much later. Maybe not. I might. We'll see.

So, back to my new place. I am slowly designing the place. I have no experience in interior designing or whatsoever, so I basically am depending on Pinterest, Instagram and all sort of social media to guide me through it. If I failed, at least I have something to blame it on.

I have my existing furnitures and stuff, thus wanting to find a way to create a more cohesive theme throughout the rooms. Keeping in mind that I wish to maintain the minimalism design.

Keeping it minimal is simply a struggle. I tend to have many devices & tools for my work. Plus the amount of paperwork.

Here is something that gets me inspired. What about you?

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