Why am I in love with Shih Tzu?

When I was 10 years old. I think I was. I could be. Maybe it was 12 years old. Anyways, let's stick with 10.

Every Wednesday, I (or sometimes with my spoilt siblings) will tag-a-long my dad to a nearby wet market - buying groceries, chicken, vegetable, fish and whats-not. Strangely enough, my dad will be the one stocking up our food supplies while my mum cooks it.
The wet-market is open every Wednesday on a street and this particular street will be closed to have it.

We usually parked at street parking, be it in front of someone's front yard or just next to a round-about corner. If we are late, we will park illegally around the round-a-bout, slightly far away from the wet-market, because all available parking spots are taken. There are times when we would fight with home owner to park in front of their house!

As we were walking over to the wet-market, we passed a car with a slightly open window at the back seat. Now, during those days, you wouldn't want to do that as any thief could easily get into the car and drives it away. So out of curiosity, I peek inside.

I thought I saw the most beautiful creature in the whole wide world. I blinked. Looked away. Peek back inside. Yes, it was still there!! I was in awed. I stared at it. It was panting at me. Sitting there, not moving, acknowledging me. So, I called out to my dad and asked what sort of dog is that. He said, Shih Tzu. Pretty huh?

Now, don't get me wrong. I grew up with dogs. My dad was a mini zoo-keeper (that's what I usually explained to people). He has all type of animals for pets, including 6 dogs at home. 4 large breed and 2 small breed dogs. They are all mix breeds, or you could call them mongrels. But, I've never seen anything as beautiful as Shih Tzu!

That night, I fell in love. In my heart I vowed, when I grow up I will get one of those. I promise.

Tell me, how can you not possibly fall in love with them?

Lexie & Snowy
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