Wanderlust Wanderless

Wanderlust is just overrated. Period.

I am a soul who has lost the lust to wander. I believe in minimalism. I am a wanderless. Living my life in my dream home, lazying around all day long, searching for knowledge and information through the internet and cracking my head over creativity in what I love to do.

I used to love to go out. See the world. Yearning to learn, loving socialising, getting to know people, expanding my horizon. Those days were gone. The yearning left me when life events caught up with me.... when my body easily gets tired with lack of sleep (oh how I used to be able to go without sleep for 24 hours and still fully functioning for the whole week), my patience level has gone with the wind and I no longer want to socialise when technology makes it so easy now online.

Thus, a new site to capture my boring wanderless journey...

© Just Wanderless.